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What is a First Look?

Oooohhhh...  The first look!  One of my favourite topics- and one that most regular people have never heard of.  If you are reading this blog, the chances are high that you are looking to tie the knot pretty soon and are enjoying all of the delights that wedding planning offers... There's also a pretty good chance that someone, likely your photographer (guilty, not guilty!) has asked if you will be scheduling your day to include a first look or not.  

Most people's natural first reaction is "what the heck is that?", usually accompanied by slightly panicked expressions at the idea they have forgotten a crucial stage in planning their wedding.  Fear not, oh overworked bride- the pro's and cons have been neatly and conveniently laid out below in an easy to read format. And for those brides who are too frazzled to read all the information, don't worry- there's pictures.... :-P

To Look or Not To Look?  That is the question….

It is a growing trend amongst couples to include a “First Look” in their wedding day, it is an opportunity to share that special and private moment before the ceremony and to free up time between the ceremony and reception so that your guests aren’t waiting hours for you to appear.  “No, no, no!!” I hear the traditional couples cry, and that’s perfectly fine, keeping that anticipation for the top of the aisle is also a valid choice, we just want to arm you with all of the information in advance so that you can make the right decision for you and your wedding day. So many couples are set in their minds as to how their day will run, but sometimes it’s just because “that’s how everyone else has done it”.  There are many things to consider on your wedding day, one of those is whether or not to do a first look.  To give you all the information you need to make this decision, we have written up a few pros & cons, that you may or may not have thought of, to help you make the right decision for you as a couple.  


The big reveal at the top of the aisle (VERY wedding-y)
More time for getting ready

Less pressure on the groom for reaction, guests are usually looking at the bride.

Less time for photos
No chance for the bride & groom to join cocktail hour
All photos- Group, Family, Bridal Party & Bride & Groom Portraits in 1 hour (phew!)


More time for the two of you together
More time to party with your guests
Hair and make- up are still fresh
More time for photos
The moment is more intimate and private (great if one or both of you are shy)

More relaxed on your way down the aisle
Guests won’t be waiting around as long between the ceremony & reception

More pressure on you both for a good reaction
Superstition says it’s “bad luck” to see each other before the ceremony
The reveal moment can sometimes feel “staged” rather than spontaneous
You miss the “moment” at the top of the aisle

If you are sure that you want to see each other at the top of the aisle, but would still like some of the special moments that come with a first look, you could do a first look with your parents.  This will be the first time they see you in your wedding gown, all dressed up as a bride.  It gives some beautiful moments and great images for your mum and dad to look back on after the day.

Both of these options come with unique and special moments, so there is no right or wrong answer to this question, it is entirely dependant on who you are as a couple and what your preferences and personalities dictate will work for you!

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