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What is a First Look?

Oooohhhh...  The first look!  One of my favourite topics- and one that most regular people have never heard of.  If you are reading this blog, the chances are high that you are looking to tie the knot pretty soon and are enjoying all of the delights that wedding planning offers... There's also a pretty good chance that someone, likely your photographer (guilty, not guilty!) has asked if you will be scheduling your day to include a first look or not.  

Gender Reveal, Casey Fields- Chloe & Adam

You may be thinking these two gorgeous people look kinda familiar- and you'd be right!  I photographed Chloe & Adam's Backyard Wedding back in March this year on a beautiful sunny autumn day at her parents home in Croydon in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges.  This pair have been been living the blissed up newlywed life since then and as a result, I got a phone call from their friend Tarryn asking me if I would consider shooting a session of a different kind to my usual work.  

Chateau Wyuna, Mount Evelyn- Audrey & Andy

Our first meeting with Audrey & Andy was at their house in the gorgeous Yarra Valley. From the first moment they were warm, welcoming- and we knew we were going to be in for a pretty special wedding and they didn't disappoint. 

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY EDITING- What is the difference between “Basic” and “Photoshop” editing?

You have probably looked at dozens of wedding photographers in your search for the perfect one to capture your Wedding Day in all it’s glory.  I get it, it can be hard.  Aside from pricing, what on earth do you look for to compare?  And what does all the terminology mean? Photoshop edited, Basic Edit, worse still- NO edit!  What is the difference, right?  Never fear, we are here to help clear up some of the confusion and make sure you receive the images that you are hoping for from your day.

Maroondah Reservoir Maternity Session- Keira & Guy

We booked this session at Maroondah Dam in Healesville knowing that it is a beautiful location with lots of lovely locations for photos.  What we didn't know (and probably would have checked if we could) was that it was also the day for half of Melbourne to converge on the park for the Trailsplus marathon race and some sort of Greek Festival.  Between the two they took up a lot of space- not to mention all the parking!!