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Gender Reveal, Casey Fields- Chloe & Adam

You may be thinking these two gorgeous people look kinda familiar- and you'd be right!  I photographed Chloe & Adam's Backyard Wedding back in March this year on a beautiful sunny autumn day at her parents home in Croydon in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges.  This pair have been been living the blissed up newlywed life since then and as a result, I got a phone call from their friend Tarryn asking me if I would consider shooting a session of a different kind to my usual work.  

You see, Chloe and Adam are pregnant with their third child! Being proud parents of two adorable little boys, they chose not to be told the gender of their next baby at their ultrasound appointment.  Instead, their amazing friends received a special little envelope with the important information and organised a very special way for Chloe & Adam to discover what gender their next little family member was going to be.  And so their closest friends gathered together on a Sunday morning at Casey Fields to unveil the gender, setting up pom poms, balloons and a very special box containing the exciting secret...  As you can tell from the photos, the couple (especially Adam) were over the moon to discover it was a girl! 

Congratulations again to you both on your next family member!

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